Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Hemp Tote Bags

Last year was a good year. I hope this year will be good too. How about yours? :)

I got many new bags on the shop but I did not have time to blog it. I will try to update them here. I think I should start from the simple pleated hemp bags which comes in several colors. The design is simple but can be complemented easily like using flower pin. The flower pin shown was made by me. I love it, don't you? :)

I sure will find time to update more of the new bags from Ickady Bag shop on Etsy


  1. Thank you Audrey. You are sweet. :)

  2. Women like to have a handbag they are using it when they are traveling or attending to a party etc. Their handbag is prone to a snachers, holdapers, Theif. They are investing for handbag insurance for the important things that is in the bag.

  3. very nice ! I tried making a bag out of hemp totes. thanks for sharing the pattern :)